Things Change

All those close to me know by now that I have filled the gaping, heartbroken, grieving, void left by the naughtiest husky girl in the universe with a very sweet almost as naughty husky boy! He was at a Siberian Rescue organization and one look at his picture warmed my heart and I knew he was my next baby!

I named him Rhaegar, yes, after the infamous Rhaegar Targaryen, brother to Daenerys, father to Jon Snow, and the starter of all the trouble. Handsome, irresistible,  and a very dedicated singer…. (Aroooooooo) just like my boy! He is at this time around 7 months old, by estimation, and growing like a week, in fits and spurts. His howling/talking abilities totally rival Mishka the Talking Husky (RIP, dear Mishka) and he is keeping my little BC mix, Fiona extremely active! Zoomies have taken on olympic extremes.

He has become my grooming shop mascot and loves meeting all the other dogs! His disposition is almost a polar opposite of my last girl, he loves all~ And shows his affection with either kisses, or attempts at play! And ALWAYS has a song about the day, and the dog, and the air, and the clouds, and …. well, you get it, he is a talker.

I am still going through moments of extreme anguish about the way my old girl went…. but now I have a fuzzy sweet new nose to nuzzle my tears and a fuzzy paw on my shoulder to comfort me! It makes a difference! My little Fiona is a lot happier too. I think the was stricken as much as I was, but neither of us could help the other. Rhaegar took care of that! He has been instrumental in the healing of our hearts, and all of our relationships to Huskies. No longer does my old man BC, Flynn, flinch if he gets close to Rhaegar, thinking he will be bitten! Rhaegar actually will help guide Flynn if he is out in the yard! It is all very sweet and he is absolutely meant to be here!!!

So we are recovering and healing and there is joy in the house again! And a lot of watching the puppy to make sure he doesn’t do anything TOO destructive!  It’s all good!!!


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